- Limited Edition Prints -

Something happened recently that made me realize how much limited edition items are in demand and how special they are to some people. Especially when it comes to artwork.


Basically after having a conversation with one of my friends, he brought up a point of how he doesn’t sell prints all the time because he doesn’t feel like there’s any personal connection to them if they’re just being bought offline and you as the artist aren’t even seeing them before they reach the buyer.⠀

So after that sunk in, I decided that I'm doing away with my regular print store. Throughout the next few months, or maybe even longer, I'll be releasing a one off (1 of 1) signed 16x20 print every other Friday. Each photo will be printed on some fancy archive paper my local lab has (for those who care, it’ll be on Hahnemuhle German Etching 310 Archive Paper) then signed, numbered and shipped to your door. Every 2 weeks, a new photo is posted and the one that was available before is taken down and never put up for sale again. To see the story behind this week's photo, scroll down and read the text below the picture. ⠀

I wanted to also say, I know I’m straying away from surfing photos, but I really do appreciate the ones who’ve been sticking around to see where this photo thing takes me. ⠀

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Date : February 16th 2016


Location : Delmarva Peninsula 


The Story : At the time I had been working in a restaurant and I remember watching the surf cam all day during my shift. Since the weather was anything but pleasant, we had maybe 5 customers that came in to eat. Every once in a while I'd joke around with my boss and say, "No one else is gonna come in today, so you should just let me leave." As they say though, all jokes contain some truth and I already had all of my long johns, sweatshirts and a pair of boots in my car, so I was for-sure trying to leave and head to the beach. After asking 6 or 7 times, he finally let me leave and without thinking twice, I clocked out and left before he could change his mind. After leaving work, I headed to Royal Farms to change in the bathroom and grab a coffee before heading up north to one of my favorite spots to shoot at. This was one of the first photos I took as I walked up the boardwalk over the dunes.